About us
Huasu Technology Industry Co.,Ltd. was established in 2005 and are specialized in R&D production and sales of engineering plastics, modified plastics and composite plastics. Our company is a national high-tech enterprise.We have passed ISO9000 international quality certification and ISO16949 automotive certification, who own twenty twin-screw extrusion production lines.Our annual production is 50,000 tons. We have a sophisticated plastic testing center with complete testing instruments and a complete set of engineering plastics physical testing system. Operating PA6, PA66, PP, PBT, ABS, AS, POM and other plastics to be enhanced, toughened, flame retardant, high gloss, high impact and weather resistance, which are mainly used in automotive, train, home appliances, electronic appliances, furniture and other products.The performance of our products is stable and exported to many countries around the world. We are willing to provide the best quality service for all of you.
Product display
  • PA6 cold toughening
  • PA6 fire retardant
  • PA6 enhanced fire
  • PP fireproofing
  • PP filled with highlight
  • PA66 cold toughening
  • PA66 enhanced fire
  • PA66 fire retardant
  • PA66 glass fiber reinforced
  • PA6 glass fiber reinforced